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Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2012 Newsletter

Will you keep this year's resolution?

Interestingly only 20% of people keep their new year's resolution. Here are some statistics on those who maintain their resolutions and for how long:
Past 1st Week: 75% maintain their resolutions
Past 2 Weeks: 71%
After 1 Month: 64%
After 6 Months: 44%

A good start to maintain this year's resolution is to WRITE DOWN YOUR GOAL. 95-97% of people who do not write down their goal fail. However, the 3-5% who have written down their goal succeed.

To help you get a good start on this year's fitness goals, we will be taking each of you through a new health and lifestyle questionnaire followed by a goal setting session where you will write down your goals and be held accountable by your fitness professional. Together let's make 2012 a healthy year!

Steps to take to keep this year's resolution...

1. Choose an obtainable goal-choose a goal that is realistic. Losing 1-2 lbs/week is realistic, but 10 lbs/week is nearly impossible.

2. Create a game plan-make a schedule for your exercise routine, plan how you will change your eating habits, sleeping routine, etc. This will increase your success rate substantially.

3. Break it down & make it less intimidating-if you want to lose 30 lbs this year, then break it down to how many lbs you need to lose each week. Little steps will allow you to achieve a larger goal and make it feel possible.

4. Ask friends & family members to help you, so that you have someone to be accountable to-the people that you surround yourself with will dictate your success. People tend to have the same lifestyle as their friends and family, so choose them wisely.

5. Reward yourself with each milestone-If you want to run a 5k by the end of the year, then once you can run 1 mile without stopping enjoy a massage. This will keep you focused and more likely to succeed.

6. Don't do it alone! Get professional assistance-even when you have professional assistance you still have to do the work, but professional guidance will lead you down the right path taking the guess work out of it.

7. Limit your number of promises-don't set too many goals or you will spread yourself too thin, get overwhelmed and give up.

8. Give it time-like with everything there is no magic pill and it will not happen overnight. Most experts agree that it takes 21 days to create a habit. Changes often happens after that. Be patient!

9. Make contingency plans-don't assume your plan will be smooth sailing. Plan on hitting bumps in the road and prepare specific ways to overcome them.

10. Keep a journal-this will help hold you accountable and you will be able to see if you are actually doing the work needed to reach your goal. Beginning in 2012, the 1st week of every month, you will receive a monthly calendar to track your physical activity progress. Every Monday you will receive a weekly calendar to track your food consumption. Both calendars need to be returned to your fitness trainer for further review and to hold you accountable.

It is important that each of these 10 steps is taken. Leaving just 1 step out may be what lets you be a statistic of those who do not stick to their new year's resolution.
Good Luck!

24 Day Challenge

Days 1-10 Cleanse Phase
The first ten days are about cleansing your body of toxins and preparing for optimal nutrient absorption, and you may enjoy weight loss as well!
  • Herbal Cleanse: helps to cleanse and detoxify your body.
  • OmegaPlex®: essential fatty acids for increased overall wellness.
  • AdvoCare Spark®: nutritionally-advanced energy.
Days 11-24 Max Phase
Give your body the best tools you need to achieve your next weight management goal during days 11-24!
  • Metabolic Nutrition System (MNS®): Your choice of Max C+ (appetite control), Max E+ (energy), or Max 3 - for weight management, appetite control and overall wellness.
  • Meal Replacement Shake - your choice of chocolate, vanilla, or berry: Complete nutrition in a great-tasting shake!
  • AdvoCare Spark®: nutritionally advanced energy.
Are you up for the challenge???
If so, let us know you're in and we will get you set-up and ready to rock your way to your weight-loss goal!!!

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