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Nicole, a leader in the fitness industry has a wealth of knowledge and experience as a fitness professional. Nicole has proven herself with scientific-based programs that give results to all fitness level and ages. Her education and experience has enabled her to work with those in the medical field to leaders in the corporate world. Nicole has experience working with those who are disabled including amputees, paraplegics, stoke victims, cancer survivors and heart patients. Her specialty is designing corrective exercise programs, so that a strong foundation is built, providing injury free results.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fitness Newsletter October 1, 2013


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Tai Chi Practice Increases Brain Size
Regular tai chi practice may increase brain volume and improve memory and thinking among older adults who do not have dementia, according to findings published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease (2012; 30, 757–66). read more »

Fat Loss Secrets: Focus On Neurobehavioral Process, Not Personal Choice
Many people are told to employ behavior change strategies to drop fat. However, according to researchers from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, lifestyle improvements are more effective when the focus is on upgrading neurobehavioral processes. read more »

Friends’ Impact On Weight Loss
Friends may have our backs, but their health and fitness habits can literally shape our backsides. How do friends help—or hurt—your healthy habits? read more »

Recipe For Health: Garlicky Spinach & Watercress
Professional chef, cookbook author and nutrition instructor at New York University Lourdes Castro, MS, RD, has brought dark-leafy greens to life in this delicious and easy dish. read more »

Video Move of the Month: Plank with Abduction/Adduction (on Elbows)
Trainer: Keli Roberts
watch now »

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